NextLevel CrowdFunding

Next Level X - Compounded Funding

The Next-LevelX CrowdFunding (relaunch very very soon!!!)

Very soon there’ll be a relaunch of the Nextlevelx program renamed, NEXTLEVEL CROWDFUNDING!

Because of all the added new features, this will make the program the finest CrowdFunding Platform ever built. A NEW ewallet with incredible features has just been added Stay tuned!.


The founder of NextLevel Crowdfunding is Leslie Robert Wolfe, a veteran in the industry. The product is revolutionary, combining the MLM industry with CrowdFundingWhen you buy the Crowdfund Giving platform for $15 ($10 + $5 admin)  you receive a project page where you can post all the information about a particular project. This can be your own project or a project you are supporting. There is a basic template you can use, or, create your own from scratch to get the exact look and feel you want. You can promote your project through social media, your list, website etc. On your project page, you can have instructions on how people can contribute to your cause. For example: You could have a PayPal donation button or any other payment processor. Want to take checks or Bank Wires? Just give them instructions.

Receive funds from the Next-LevelX CrowdFunding platform

With the Next-LevelX CrowdFunding there are two ways to receive funds.

1) People contribute to your project. Usually crowdfunding is rewards-based. This means contributions are exchanged for goods or services like a t-shirt, tickets or a copy of whatever you’re building.

2) Compound Funding. You don’t need to have a project or to do any fund raising. Simply refer people to your Next-LevelX replicating website. When they get their own platform, you’ll receive commissions.

Next Level X - CrowdFunding

The MLM part: The Next-LevelX compensation plan

If people decide to sign up with Next-LevelX under your referral link and buy their own project page, you receive commissions. Here are a few bullet points:

  • 100% commissions
  • Get paid in Realtime
  • Different payment methods: PayPal (premier or business account), Coinbase (activated), E-Wallet (in progress)
  • Available wordwide
  • Unlimited potential
  • Annual renewal income
  • No monthly fees
  • 3 x 6 compounded funding matrix

Next-LevelX - Compounded Funding

Matrix levels do not have to be filled before you get paid. You are paid daily from each sale as it occurs.

* Level 4: 81 sales x $500 = $40,500 (annually)

* Level 5: 243 sales x $1,000 = $243,000 (annually)

* Level 6: 729 sales x $ 7,000 = $5,103,000 (annually)

Upgrade from profit, not from pocket!

Product price and income are annual. No monthly fees. The admin fees are annual. These are the admin fees: Level 1 and 2: $5 – Level 3: $25 – Level 4: $100 – Level 5: $500 – Level 6: $2000

Watch the video to learn more about Next-LevelX

Sign up for free and lock your position! Sign ups keep coming in, we’ve got great up- and downlines so lots of spillover (after upgrade)! Join our fast growing team and our Facebook group. My Team is filling levels 5 & 6 right now, don’t miss the boat! We have limited spots in the ad rotator, so if you decide to join our team, send me an email and I’ll add you.

Next-LevelX is in soft launch. an EWallet system is being integrated. You can sign-up and upgrade using bitcoin (Coinbase). We’ll keep you posted on all the updates!


Next-LevelX - Compounded Funding


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